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You can search and find gas stations in your area with the convenient location query. Whether at home or traveling, you can easily find the prices for cheap Super gasoline and Diesel in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. For many petrol stations, detailed information such as opening times, address, telephone number, payment options (cash, credit card, debit card) and additional offers are available and help you choose the best deal.

You can choose between Super 95, Super 98 and Diesel in some countries. In Germany the prices for Super E5 and Super E10 are available. Smart and cheap refueling has become even easier.

Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation you may be in a place where you do not know the local conditions and offers. In that case it can be very helpful to get the current location by the browser's location-aware features. Your browser transfers your position in form of coordinates. Immediately you will get an overview of the gas stations in the surrounding area. You can sort the search results by the cheapest or closest option to refuel. This saves you money at the pump and you will fill the tank cheaper.

Please make sure you have location detection turned on on your device and also allowed your browser access to it. Otherwise, coordinates can not be determined. If access to your location is not possible for this or another reason, please use the location search on the overview page. Enter the first letters and you will be suggested matching locations.

Your data is in good hands with us: our location query automatically falsifies the result within a radius of 300 meters. Thus, no conclusion is possible on your exact position!